Renaissance, Manchester

Sneak, Morton and Moorsy.

We decided to have a bit of fun with the massive light. :)


Premier Inn, Manchester

Moorsy, Sneak, Morton, Twilly, Bob and two other guys.

Testing out the brand new D3000...


The Light, Manchester

Morton, Sneak and Moorsy.

I haven't got much to say about this place apart from the fact that it feels so sketchy up there due to lack of edge protection and the rooftop in itself seems so small!

This is a rather nice place though, being up there lay looking over the edge felt strangely serene. I would definately reccomend it!


Sewage Treatment Plant, Prestolee

Moorsy and Morton.

After a dry night of deciding what to do (to no avail) I received a phone call from Morton. He had noticed a local site a couple of times and decided it was time for an explore. Straight away I jumped in my car and off we set to Prestolee.

As we reached the site I noticed stupid amounts of CCTV, multiple security cabins and a solid palisade fence running the full circumference, but still we parked up and put on our ninja shoes.

Silently we searched around for any potential access points. We did a full lap of the site and were just about to call it quits when we spotted it... Very discrete and barely visible to the standard passer by, but we had it! A couple of lung crushing seconds later and we were in!

I have been in sewers but my god nothing could have prepared me for the smell of this place. All in all it was definately worth the effort but my God I will not be coming back any time soon!



HSBC Chancery Lane, Manchester

Bigjobs, Bungle and Moorsy.

Photos by Bigjobs